Exponential Growth

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

You guessed it, this is about "Exponential Growth", did the subject give it away?

By nature we want to stay comfortable. Our minds have developed to protect us from things that might hurt us and as we've evolved. Little secret, it will also protect us from things we could fail at. My mind has done a good job of trying to keep me from failure by masking it. Generally, my mind will work on convincing me that I just don't "want it". Now that makes sense right? Well to our subconscious mind it does. Don't try, don't fail, don't get hurt ... that's how it works.

I told myself that I didn't want to be a MAPS Coach, well at least my subconscious mind did. I believed it. I didn't want to be a MAPS Coach because I was too busy, I had enough, I was all set. HA! "all set" well isn't that just the epitome of comfortability... and what comes from comfortability? Complacency, and what comes from complacency? NOTHING!! That's right nothing comes from it.

Logically I knew all of this, yet my subconscious mind sure as heck wasn't going to let me go there. Why? Because I knew that with MAPS came massive growth in a new area that I hadn't mastered yet. If I hadn't mastered it, I might fail and so my mind protected me from potential failure.

Lesson: Mind over matter isn't so matter of fact

As long as I can remember I've been told "mind over matter", meaning whatever the situation we can mentally overcome it. Now, I do believe this with every fiber of my being. We can't always control our first thought, but we can choose our second. The thing is we don't always know what our mind is doing. Matter of fact, there's a difference between our subconscious mind and our conscious mind. The subconscious is the one we need to watch out for.

My subconscious mind has built up a wall of protection from my music days and beyond. Don't say that or they will think you're weird, don't challenge them or you could be wrong, don't do that or you'll get hurt. Not physically of course. I fall way too often for my mind to protect me from bumps and bruises. I'm talking about emotionally hurt. When we fail it hurts and leaves a mark. When that happens our mind does the best it can to keep up from feeling that pain again by training us to not even make an attempt.

Too often I fall victim to my own subconscious mind and find myself holding back because of a protection mechanism that isn't even tied to the current situation. So I'm retraining my brain. The BOLD Law "You get what you deserve in your imagination" is where I am starting. Oh, and I'm becoming a MAPS Coach, because you guessed it, the only way to retrain my brain is to push past the limitations it has subconsciously set for my life.

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