Flying High

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

There is something incredible about facing your fears that actually challenges the way you look at everything. Sitting in the boat as it crashes across the waves, soaking us from head to toe, I remember having no fear. That was until they opened the shoot and threw it into the air. There I was sitting next to my mom and brother strapped into a giant paper thin parachute, thinking "What have I done?"

I had this vision of going parasailing because turning 30 was going to be all about "change". I was going to live my 29th year by facing fears and doing things I'd never done. Now, here I was about to face the first of the #30Before30 and I started to panic.

Lesson: Don't close your eyes

I closed my eyes, for a split second, I simply closed my eyes.

I didn't just close my eyes, I closed off. That's what we do, a gut reaction when we're scared. It's a way to protect ourselves. We think "if I can't see it, it can't be real". I'm strapped to a parachute on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but if I close my eyes it can't be real. Well that is foolish... and still, I closed my eyes.

Now, seconds into the lift I did open my eyes, and what I witnessed was pure magic. So few people get to actually witness the magic of this life, let alone as they soar above the ocean.

The Lesson: don't close your eyes. Jump into the fear and have faith. Because as the BOLD Law states, "Fear or Faith, You Choose!" Choose Faith, don't close your eyes. Trust me, it's worth it.

"Enjoy the ride, don't close your eyes"

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