Go It Alone

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

This one is really simple for me. Go it alone.

I've become fairly well versed in traveling alone, however this was a new adventure. I hopped on a flight to Portland (the other one), rented a car and drove to the coast. Alone.

I don't think I will ever forget the weight that lifted off my heart when I stepped out of the rental car and onto the deck of the cottage. The salt air hit my face like nothing I had ever experienced. The sun was starting to sink down over the water as the fog rolled in. Before I even unpacked I hopped back in the car and drove up Pacific Coast Highway to the nearest look off.

I was nervous. I was alone and I didn't like to do things wrong. I like to follow the rules and not overstep or look "out of place". I know it's silly, especially when traveling, and that's how I felt. Sitting at the overlook I watched a few people from inside the car as they took a winding path from the dirt parking lot down to the beach. I jumped out and followed.

Lesson: Get comfortable being uncomfortable

As soon as my feet touched the sand the uncomfortable feeling washed away, pardon the pun. Yet it literally vanished as if it had never existed. I looked out at the waves and other than the sound of them crashing against the coast, utter silence surrounded me. My heart felt light, even lighter than up on the deck of the cottage. It's funny, because I walked up and down the beach humming, I think I might've even recorded a bit. I was inspired and humming a tune that was yet to be written. It was the first time in years.

How could I go from feeling slightly anxious to feeling so at ease in just a few minutes?

Pushing from uncomfortable to comfortable is where growth happens. It's where the magic happens. I know all of this logically, I even have the poster framed in my living room and just because I had a realization doesn't mean all of a sudden I "get it". I still struggle with this "out of place" feeling and pushing past it to the glory of feeling free. Yes it is glorious!

Now, I know for some of you just going on this trip alone would push you out of your comfort zone, for others none of this is out of the ordinary and for me, parts have been. Those parts, like stepping out of the car and onto a trail, are the big parts... the scary unknown parts.

I could spend another 30 minutes typing out all the adventures I had that weekend and how enlightened I became. I don't feel the need. I'm still learning how to be uncomfortable and my trip to the Oregon Coast has played a big part in getting comfortable being uncomfortable. The BOLD Law is "Your business grows to the extent that you do" and you can't grow inside your comfort zone. It's a fact!

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