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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

No matter how many photos I took, nothing quite captured the natural beauty of the sunrise.

I woke up without an alarm and shot out of bed knowing that the sun hadn't risen yet. I went to the patio and sure enough it was still slightly dark out. I fought the slight urge inside that was questioning my next move. "What if they don't let people on the beach this early?" Really?! Yes, that was an actual thought in my head... I'm working on it. I know, I know the BOLD Law "Your cells eavesdrop on your thoughts" and yes, sometimes my thoughts run wild.

Sitting on the beach I took in the pink sky as the sun came up. I couldn't keep myself from walking down to the shore and standing with my toes in the water. Today was my final day, just 48 hours after landing in Cancun.

The past few months have been a bit rough. The flu, long days, another cold and lack of sleep were not doing well on my stress levels. Usually, I can sense when I'm on the edge of burn out and this time it came flying up quickly. So, I had a two day training in Austin so I partnered it with 48 hours in Cancun. I had never been to Mexico and figured "why not".

Lesson: Know your limits

I pushed my limits the past few months. I started a new diet and was working out and not sleeping. I was taking care of everyone, still am, before myself. That's the nature of the job I keep telling myself. Everyone else gets taken care of before I do. That's not exactly the best way to look at it.

I'm learning, I am getting used to the signs that I'm at my limit. I'm also becoming ok with the fact that I need to recharge often. I need to get away and I need to be at peace. I need to be at peace because it gives me perspective. It gives me perspective on what I can't see in the cloud of the day to day, without enough sleep and too much stress.

I know my limits, I just forget them. When I go away I learn them all over again. From what makes me tick to what fuels my soul, being away lets me explore that unencumbered. The outside influences I have make it hard for me to really understand what is in my heart., The good, the bad, the other. I can't seem to block out the noise when I'm here to cut to the heart of it. So, I go away. I travel to far off beaches and foreign countries to find the heart of it. The limits, the ones I should obey and the ones I should challenge. Because after all, I am limitless.

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