Rising Up

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Getting back up is the hardest part of any fall, especially when it is an emotional fall.

I fell out of love with music about five years ago, or maybe it's been longer than that. I honestly don't know the exact timing. I do know, I have been running from it ever since.

For 5 years I've made up reasons as to why I left music, why it "didn't work for me". I developed a story, and a pretty good one at that... "I got tired of it". That's what I began telling myself and telling everyone else. Tired of what? Music was my everything, my heart, soul... my everything. Was, my everything, maybe that's the problem. When did I start referring to it in the past tense? I'll tell you when, when I decided that I needed a reason to step away. I had a reason and it was because I was "tired of it". Tired of the late nights, tired of the politics, tired of the lack of income, just plain tired.

Lesson: Rewrite the story

Saying I am tired, isn't an excuse to stop. I used "tired" as a way out. The truth is... I gave up. I gave up trying because it was easier to say I was tired of the lifestyle than it was to keep pushing forward and breaking through limitations.

There's this piece of me that can't believe I'm being this honest right now, and putting this out for the world to see. I'm basically saying I quit. Admitting to everyone who reads this that I gave up on my dream isn't fun. However, I did give up, temporarily. I gave up for 5 years and told myself that I was "tired of it". I bought into the story that I created around myself.

Here's the thing about stories, they can always be re-written. On February 17th my story began to be re-written. As the BOLD Law states "People grow into the conversations you create around them", that includes the conversations you create around yourself.

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