The Decision

I've been keeping a secret from a lot of people. A decision that will change my life drastically. Before I drop the announcement, let's start with a little history...

Have you ever felt like you just didn't fit? You kept trying to mold yourself to fit into a box that just wasn't right? Well, I've felt that way for a long time...

Now, I chose the box and I had control over the decision to stay in the box. Everything is a choice and I take ownership of the fact that not making a decision to change was actually making the decision to stay. I own that. "First you make the choice and then the choice makes you."

A friend asked me a powerful question in January and it changed everything. "Are you happy? I mean really happy." He asked the question that I'd been hiding from for over a year. I hid behind the success and little wins in my everyday life. Was I happy, I mean really happy? -- No. I wasn't.

You know, in the moment it is so easy to keep pushing forward and push down the truth, because for me the truth was scary. I didn't want to face the fact that the truth meant I needed to make a change. Now here I was faced with a decision. I'd like to say I immediately took action and made a decision, I didn't. It took about another 6 months.

"Shannon, don't you think it's time you bet on yourself."

Yes, I do!

After stepping outside of the box I had crammed myself into, I remembered that I was powerful beyond measure. Yet, somewhere along the line I stopped believing in myself, because I had allowed people into my world who didn't truly believe in me. I took on their lack of belief and it held me down into the box.

The decision is to surround myself with people inspire and empower me to be the best version of myself. To stop living in a box and under the expectations of others.

In January 2019 I met those people. I didn't know it at the time, but 6 months later it was very clear to me.

I quit my job, sold my house, car and all of my things and packed 5 suitcases. The things that really mattered to me were no longer available in a store. I traded hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, status, recognition and stability... for my happiness. I traded it all because my happiness is priceless.

I know what you're thinking, what decision did you make? I made a lot of decisions. Happiness, to surround myself with like minded people, to challenge myself, and many more.

Those decisions ultimately led to me deciding to move to France to take the role of Regional Operations Manager for KW France.

I accepted the offer and I will be moving at the end of the summer. Needless to say I have never been more scared and more excited all at once. This journey will challenge me every day and yet, I know I will be able to provide incredible opportunities for others. Oh, and I'll be living in the south of France by the ocean, so that helps. :)

Another adventure, another experience. #Onward

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